The DOWH Immersion training was everything I imagined and more: challenging yet nurturing, rigourous but flexible, and endlessly collaborative!  Erica's ability to weave her love, knowledge, and experience of this beautiful dance practice was so rich.  As well, my extraordinary DOWH Immersion sisters gifted me with so much wisdom, enthusiasm, and honesty.  It was truly meaningful, grounding, and stretched me to grow! I am excitedly looking foward to offering DOWH very soon in Oakville.

- Kersti Abawi

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A Women's Award-Winning Ecstatic Dance Practice, Toronto. Movement medicine for the female soul.

Dancing in High Park

Nikki Dancing Burning Man with Vanya

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DOWH in Oakville. Join Kersti Abawi in "The Heart of Compassion", Oct. 22.


Dear Beloved Woman,

Welcome! You have found a sanctuary of expression, connection and community; a safe and sacred space where you can relax and come home to ALL of yourself.

We offer drop-in sessions, workshops, retreats, intensive trainings, facilitator certification trainings, relaxation sound tracks and ecstatic dances, with more juicy offerings to come!  

Like you, we (the DOWH team) have grown up in a world where the feminine spirit has been unsupported in its full unfolding and blooming. And like you, we have witnessed our timidity and shame for having female feelings and experiences. For many, we have lost touch with our bodies, inner knowing and sense of wonder and curiosity about ourselves and the world. We know what it feels like to hold back from fully expressing our natural radiance and beauty.

We also know what it feels like to not hold our radiance back, and the feeling is truly liberating, infectious and within the realm of possibilities for each of us. Let us share this experience and inspire YOU to shine your own light!

This is what we have to offer — our own unique medicine for the female soul — to support women in embracing and celebrating our Sacred Feminine within, to be free from restraints, to be enamoured by our own breath and dance, and to fall head over heels in love with our self, with each other, and with everything and everyone.

It is our soul-work and priviledge to create women-only spaces, locally and globally, that encourage all of us to remember and reclaim our original power, strength and wisdom. We, as women, have our own unique way.

And... Believe us when we say... 

You are amazing. And you have too much to offer to let your gifts go to waste or to hide your light!!!

The most brilliant part of you is ready to be called forward. Because you care about the world, what a blessing you will be!

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Watch Dance Our Way Home in action, in our first promo video:


DOWH brings women together to explore and express their depth and honesty, and to give themselves more fully and radiantly to the world. And, again and again, through this practice we call Dance Our Way Home ™ (DOWH), women experience...

  • an unobstructed flow of inspiration, creativity and pleasure
  • a deeper sense of wellbeing, belonging and homecoming
  • profound experiences of wholeness and compassion
  • spontaneous bursts of joy, laughter and tears
  • the realization of their own magnificence, power, genius and perfection
  • erupting desire for self-nourishment, self-care and self-love
  • unconditional acceptance of themselves as they are and of everything as it is

The way we do this is through a women's magical brew of free-style and ecstatic dance, relaxation and guided imagery, with life-affirming, divine feminine spiritual principles, ideas and teachings.  (And we often sprinkle it with other evocative and creative modalities and explorations.)

Created over 11 years ago, originally as a body-image group for healing and celebration of the female soul, DOWH is a complete experience that touches body, heart, mind and soul, where every woman is free to move at her own pace, in her own way.

At DOWH, we believe that women don’t need to be pushed or challenged — only given love, appreciation, encouragement, acceptance and the chance to express themselves. And, whoever you are, know this — you are magnificent, important and worthy of respect, care and safe-keeping.

We invite you to join DOWH as we dance ourselves out of the cave and into the light of collective joy and healing. Regardless…

May you bloom, beloved sister!

In peace and community,

Erica (signature) and the entire DOWH Team.

Canadian Dance Assembly Award


PS. We are so honoured to be acknowledged on a national level as an outstanding organization promoting DANCE as a tool for healthy communities! Thank you to all the women who nominated us. You have put DOWH on the Canadian dance map, and we are ever so grateful. 

Here is a pic of Erica after receiving DOWH's I Love Dance Award for 'HEALTHY CITIZENS' from the Canadian Dance Assembly.



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